How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use When Plugged In?

We all know how much electricity our laptops use, but did you ever think about how many watts they use? That’s right, it’s a lot. The laptop is a device that is essential for modern-day living.

It is used for many things including communicating, accessing the internet, editing documents, etc. In order to keep power, it needs a source of electricity. It uses to run all the electronics on the laptop.

So if you’re wondering how much wattage your machine consumes, you’re not alone. The question is, “How many watts does my laptop use?”.

Here are some to that question and others.

How Can I Determine The Power Consumption Of My Laptop?

How Can I Determine The Power Consumption Of My Laptop?

The energy consumed is dependent on its performance and its usage. For instance, if your laptop is constantly idling, consuming little or no power while it’s turned off, then that’s what’s actually consuming the energy.

If you’re using your laptop constantly, but only when you need to, then that’s when your computer uses the most. The less time your laptop is idle, the less energy it consumes.

As the battery runs down, your computer’s functioning degrades. That means your computer hardware and hard disk run at a slower speed and consume more energy.

In addition, a laptop’s supply uses more as the battery drains. So if you’re always keeping plugged in, then you use it more than if you’re using it less frequently.

Laptop Electricity Consumption Per Hour

You might be wondering how much voltage a laptop use. But discussing the importance of laptops, you’ll find out that laptops are the most important invention ever.

There’s no single answer to how many watts your laptop consumes. Most computers model require between 20 to 100 watts per hour, but some computers can reach over 180 watts per hour.

 There are many reasons for the use of a laptop. These include entertainment, video editing, photo editing, web surfing, emailing, and more.

Different needs require different hardware and usage. If you’re a serious gamer or plan on using programs that need high-quality visuals, you should expect to use more watts.

How Much Power Does Laptop Charger Use?

How Much Power Does Laptop Charger use?

When plugged into the outlet, some computers can continue to use power even if they aren’t plugged into the laptop. When I looked at my light switch, it was brighter than the light that comes on when is turned on.

That’s because a modern charger is more efficient. In many factors, they eliminate waste. The laptop charger I tested was connected to the supply and not the laptop, so it didn’t consume any AC (Alternating Current). You are correct, you’re right.

It was a bit off, I just realized. When it’s plugged in, it works just fine. The energy monitor can’t tell, but yes, it could be. It is always a good idea to use an energy monitor. The laptop’s battery will be charged when the adapter charging station is plugged into. The mode is referred to as the “Off mode”, where 0.33 watts per hour was being used.

Some Components Of The Laptop Consume Electricity

The basic components of a computer design are built in such a way that they work as energy efficiently as possible, but they have multiple functions and immense computing capacity.

The large program consumes include screens and processors. Some of the main components of watts consumption are listed.

  • Display
  • Graphics Card
  • Processor
  • Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • WLAN Module
  • Fan
  • Hard Drive

Watts consumption is usually the most important factor in the electric bill. If you have a laptop with a multi-core processor, it will probably use at least 60 watts. The main processor needs to be increased in order to increase the consumption of the graphics card. If we want to calculate the graphics on the laptop, the performance is higher, and it uses more. Higher-end gaming laptops have dedicated graphics cards built into them.

Power Consumption Dependence of Laptop

The type of laptop you have determines how much energy you use. Adding more devices to your network will use more.

There are many factors that affect the consumption of any computer or electronic product.

Graphics Card: There is a relationship between the power of the laptop and the capacity of a graphics card. If you want to run games at a high resolution, a computer with a graphics card should provide better visuals.

In this case, a laptop gives more options than a desktop computer. A capable graphics card like an RTX 2080, 2070, or 2060 is usually included in most gaming laptops and workstations for tasks like machine learning and data science.

CPU: A laptop with a very low-grade CPU or processor requires fewer watts to use the same amount of uploads of energy as the most effective CPU such as an Intel i7 or Intel i9.

The reason behind this is as simple as it may seem. The processor that doesn’t have enough might to perform the task may need more force to do it. But a good processor can still work great on less potency.

Adapter Watts: All 15.6-inch laptops that use a USB-C port will include an integrated 60W USB-C.

Most 17-inch laptops come with a 90W charging adapter. If your laptop came with a 60W adapter, it will consume less since that’s the number of watts it’ll spend while in usage.

Your Laptop’s Consumption Of Power?

Laptops come in different sizes and strength levels. Some computers use a lot of power, but some don’t.  Laptops use AC to turn on the computer, and the more watts your laptop uses, the faster its battery will drain.

The answer is very simple, a typical 15-inch laptop consumes approximately 60 watts per hour if you’re just into the figure. Then, this is not the exact figure it would cost. Electricity consumption depends on many factors that you may not be aware of.

For example, screen brightness, running software, and graphics card usage may alter the power consumption.

There Is a Variation In Watts

Laptops consume a large number of watts but the amount used depends on how much you use them. It’s important to factor to know how many watts your laptop uses, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you need to purchase a new laptop.

There are a number of ways to figure out the energy consumption of your laptop. First, you can look up the wattage of the battery itself. Next, you can look up the wattage of the charger you’re using on your laptop.

And finally, you can look up the wattage of the entire computer. The wattage of the computer and the wattage are both provided on your laptop’s packaging. However, the wattage of your laptop’s battery may not be listed on its packaging.


Many people are confused about the differences between the laptop model and their wattage. They believe that laptops from different manufacturers will have different watts.

Generally, Most people use products from HP, Aser, Dell, and other companies, they all have the same amount of power. Some configurations, like high-definition video resolution or 3D gaming, will require over-wattage.

The great quality of the parts you’re using will directly affect the number of power they consume. If you bought those business laptops model that was just ordinary and the models that are just ordinary have to be replaced, the number of capacity used by

Watching the wattage of your machine is essential. You can control the laptop’s charging time, as well as how long it stays in a complete state after each battery

FAQs How Many Watts Does a Laptop Take?

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use When Plugged In?

The number of watts it consumes to charge a laptop is less than it is to power a desktop laptop. Every day there is a 100% charge for laptops. generally, depending on the laptop you use and how much might draws from the power source, the number of potencies you need to charge a laptop battery will be different.

How To Reduce Power Consumption In Laptops?

There are several ways to reduce power consumption in a laptop. The most effective way is to simply turn it off when you’re not using it. Another effective way is to put the laptop in sleep mode when it’s not being used. Lastly, if you’re using an external monitor instead of the laptop’s built-in display, try turning off the laptop when you’re not using it.

Can I Use a Lower Watt Charger For My Laptop?

I wouldn’t recommend using a lower-watt charger for your laptop. It’s not safe. Laptop batteries have an internal design that prevents them from charging at a higher rate. When you charge your laptop with a lower-watt charger, you’re not actually charging it at a faster rate, but rather just charging it at a lower rate. This could potentially cause your battery to become damaged or die sooner.

How Many Unit Of Electricity Consumed By Laptops?

The average computer consumes about 5 watts of power. To make things worse, computers are typically plugged into a wall socket all the time, which means you’re using them even when you’re not using them. In fact, if you have an older computer, it may use more power than a newer computer because of the extra components.

How Many Watts Does a Gaming Laptop Need To Charge?

When it comes to gaming laptops, the most advanced ones today can even beat this number. If you’re determined to see how far you can go in an hour of working at full tilt, then the average power consumption of a gaming laptop is 170 watts/hour and 0.17 kilowatts.

When it’s connected for 8 hours a day, the average power consumption of a gaming laptop is 1360W and 1.36kw per day.


Let’s wrap this up by discussing How Many Watts Does a Laptop Uses?. If you’ve used an electric stove or oven, you know that the higher the wattage, the faster the burner will heat up. The same principle applies to laptops.

The more watts a laptop has, the faster it will heat up. The amount of time that a laptop uses energy depends on the type of power source it is connected to. If the laptop is connected to a power outlet, it will only use energy when it’s turned on.

However, if the laptop is connected to a battery, it will use energy even if it’s turned off. The most popular laptop batteries are Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer.